Deathwatch Overkill

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Deathwatch Overkill is a new and exciting boxed game for two players, pitching Kill Team Cassius as they attempt to cleanse a mining planet, Ghosar Quintus, that has been takn over by a Genestealer Cult. A game of fast-paced, tactical combat spread over nine scenarios with linked victory conditions and benefits.  Included are 50 high-quality plastic Citadel miniatures:

– a Genestealer Primus, a Genestealer Magus and two Familiars;
– 2 Purestrain Genestealers, 4 Aberrants and 28 Genestealer Hybrids (12 Acolyte Hybrids of the 1st and 2nd generation and 16 Neophyte Hybrids of the 3rd and 4th generation);
– a massive Genestealer Patriarch;
– 11 Deathwatch Space Marines, taken from ten different Chapters. Led by Chaplain Cassius, each one is an individual character model. The Kill Team includes veterans, a heavy weapon-armed Devastator, a Terminator and even one mounted on a Space Marine Bike;
– teleport homer and servo skull;

along with 8 detailed double-sided board tiles, 6 dice, a range ruler and a 48-page rulebook, containing an ongoing story for each scenario.


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